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Neil Holmes, LMT


Neil is a graduate of Manatee Technical College's Massage Therapy Program.  As a licensed massage therapist, he specializes in pain using Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue and Medical Massage/neuromuscular techniques.  Neil is also a Certified Coach for The Rossiter System.

Neil was born and raised in Bradenton, FL where he played sports at both Manatee and Bayshore High School.  In 2002 while coaching football at Manatee High School, Neil was involved in a motorcycle accident after practice.  The end result was surgery on both shoulders to repair the damage.  Following the accident, Neil was sent to an accident clinic where he received adjustments, ultrasound, E-stem, roller bed, traction and massage.  He noticed very quickly the impact of the massage therapy and soon after stopped all other therapies.  Massage therapy is the reason his recovery was so quick and he became a massage therapist to help others in pain.