Muscle Eze Medical Massage



If you have been hurt in an Auto Accident, seek medical attention immediately.  Delaying your visit will only prolong your discomfort and could potentially lead to further problems.   

If you have a sore neck or back from an Auto Accident and want a DRUG FREE TREATMENT PLAN, then Muscle Eze is your answer.  We have AUTO INJURY massage therapists who can help EZE your discomfort at LITTLE or NO cost to you.

If you would like Massage as part of your AUTO ACCIDENT recovery, Click here and print out our prescription to take to your physician.  If you have anymore questions, please feel free to call us at 941-981-0880



Massage Insurance Filing

It is not hard to find a massage therapist any more. However, it is difficult to find a really good massage therapist. Most of the good ones are really busy, and few are interested in filing your PIP insurance forms. Few of them accept any insurance assignment or do medical massage.
But not at Muscle Eze! We are happy to file all of your PIP insurance papers, and we do all of your insurance claim billing in a timely manner.

Depending on your coverage, your health insurance plan may cover medical massage therapy in a number of different situations:

1. Relief of chronic pain due to a disease such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, back or neck pain, headaches or other long-term chronic condition.

2. Relief of pain due to injury. In auto accidents your car insurance or the other driver's auto insurance, PIP, will also cover medical and accident massage therapy treatments.

3. Reduction of stress that may cause or be causing another condition such as anxiety, hypertension, depression, and others.

We file personal injury protection and workers comp insurance for all of these conditions.

What you need to do:

The ordering physician must state what condition, accident injury or illness, the massage therapy is expected to provide relief from. Generally this must be included on the written order or prescription and is best expressed as an ICD-9 code,(Diagnosis Code), a code that stands for your condition and understood by insurance companies when processing your auto / car insurance or workers compensation claim.

The written order or prescription must give a frequency and duration, in other words, say how often massage therapy treatment should occur and how long the regimen should last. The physician should feel free to consult with us, the massage therapist, about this.

All the paperwork must be filled out prior to receiving medical massage therapy, and you must agree to allow us, the massage therapist, to share information with your physician and insurance company. You also must agree to have the auto / car insurance company pay Muscle Eze directly.

We will be happy to answer your questions about proper insurance filing and billing. Give us a call at 941-981-0880.